New Haven Symphony Orchestra - Music Director

It is with great pleasure that I announce the renewal of my contract as Music Director with the NHSO until the end of the 2018/19 Season which is the Orchestra's 125th Anniversary Season and my 70th Birthday Year. The opportunty to continue with the extraordinary growth of this ensemble is something I relish. We will be releasing plans for the next 4 years this Fall.

Hannah Lash - As part of the NHSO's commitment to American music I have commissioned a 4 movement symphony from the brilliant Hannah Lash. This large-scale work will be serialized over two Seasons starting with performances of the first two movements in the 2015/16 Season in the opening and closing concerts, and continued in the 16/17 Season. Inspired by the Voynich Manuscript, housed in Yale's Beinecke Library, Hannah says -

"There is a manuscript that is untranslatable. It is a mystery: a beautiful, strange, unbelievably detailed book. written in a language that does not exist. It has illustrations of life form that were never real. To look through this book is to witness an act that will never be understood. We imagine how this book came to be - we attribute to its author genius or pathology or secrecy beyond divulgence. But we will never know. And it frightens us, this document that is unkowable. It frightens us to think that we ourselves are capable of inventing such incomprehensible secrets. It is opaque, completely opaque. And as we do with any other opaque surface, we look for our own reflections in it. It becomes a mirror."

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Yale School of Music - During the 16/17 Academic Year I have been invited to lecture at this distinguished school and will be teaching Score Reading & Analysis and Conducting.

November 1st 2016: Release of Bernard van Dieren CD

After six months of research and study, which included corrections of scores and orchestral parts, of Van Dieren's music on this disc I'm delighted that this commercial release is now allowing many of you to hear this music for the first time. There is a real mystery surrounding van Dieren and his life - whilst something of an oddity he was highly respected for both his intellect and creativity. For those not familiar, and why would you be, with his music it is a cross between the sound worlds of Delius and Schoenberg with a highly individual harmonic language. Working with the BBC NOW and Chorus was a great pleasure in bringing this music to life for the first time in decades.


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